Michael Warwood

Michael WarwoodThree years ago I began feeling severe pain on my lower abdomen. Throughout that year I went around seeking for different doctors and they all told me I had a prostate enlargement. The last doctor I visited told me things were getting so bad I had to go through immediate surgery. I did not know what I was going to do.

During that period I had already been watching the Universal Church television shows and I was very interested. I told the doctor that I would get back to him if it were necessary and after leaving the hospital I headed straight to the church.

At the time the Campaign of Israel was in progress and I decided to take part of it.

Three weeks after taking part of the campaign, I returned to the doctor for another diagnostic test. To the doctor’s surprise, I was completely cleared of any prostate enlargement and for the last two years I’ve had no problems, no pains and everything has been going so well for me.

Today I’m 74 years years old and I’m still physically fit thanks to God.

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