Nisha Lutchman

Nekisha Lutchman I used to be a very depressed person. I chose to sell cigarettes on my own for profit but then I began to smoke the same cigarettes I sold. Deep inside I believed that smoking was the cure to my depression. At times people would come and purchase cigarettes from me. However when I had a slow day and no buyers around, I would smoke the cigarettes myself. In my mind it felt as though I wasn’t losing anything.

I thought my depression would leave me if I smoked but five minutes after I was done the depression and emptiness would return to me. I did not know what was wrong with me and it seemed as though nothing could take it away.

After watching the television program I decided to visit the church. The pastor was preaching and encouraging those who really wanted to see a change in their lives. Knowing the road I was heading into, I decided to join the chain of prayer and soon enough I stopped smoking and stopped selling cigarettes to others.

Today I’m free from my addiction and most importantly I’m free from my depression. Once I put my faith into action I realized I did not require smoking to fill the emptiness inside. I no longer sell cigarettes to others, instead I’m happy and I’m a completely changed person.

I don’t lose myself when I face problems anymore thanks to God.

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