Happy New Year Doesn’t Exist

Just like there is no such thing as happy new car, happy new clothes, happy new job, happy new week, happy new year doesn’t exist either. What exists or could exist, is:

Happy new person
Happy better husband
Happy wise wife
Happy motivated worker
Happy boss
Happy mature adolescent
Happy son of exemplary parents

In other words, inanimate objects don’t have life, feelings, or conscience; therefore they cannot be happy or unhappy. Only people can be happy.

What makes people happy is not simply wishing someone “happy new year,” no matter how much instantaneous satisfaction it brings from having greeted someone or remembered. Attitudes are what make people happy.

Attitudes which begin as a thought. Thought that sparked from belief. Belief that began from understanding God’s thoughts.

So, for example, if a person reads this blog meditates and acts upon what they learn, they have more chances of having a better year than the person who received 127 greetings of “happy new year” in the last couple of days.

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