Stained Beauty

You take care of yourself; spend a lot on clothes, shoes, accessories and hair. Everyone notices you when you go out, but still you are never satisfied. You are always looking for something more, but this “something” never comes. Your words become empty and your eyes have no brilliance.

You ask yourself: “What else can I do? Where is the result of the investment that I make in myself? Why am I still needy?

Do you know why you feel like this? It’s because your beauty is “stained.” Why are you one person at home, another one at school and yet another one when you are around your friends? You are “stained” inside. Your interior is damaged, is sad… and it reflects on the outside.

You may invest a lot in your body, in your appearance, in your image, but you forget that all these things are temporary and one day you are going to be old, or do you think that age will not catch up with you?

Look deep inside yourself and find your real identity. Take care of your inner self, forgive and love so you can enjoy your real beauty, the one that comes from inside out.

You will realise that you are much more beautiful than you think you are, and that your beauty doesn’t depend on make-up or the clothes you wear. People will notice you, not because you want to show off, but because you naturally shine.


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