Thinking Small

When you think small, you only see what is small. Irrelevant things, that distract you from what is important. The small thinker is limited to his own complexes, prejudices, and fears. He is a slave to his feelings. This reduces the small thinkers brain to the size of a bean.

you think small when you…

– give ears to gossip.

– think only about the here and now, and ignoring the future.

– are stingy and only think about receiving and not giving.

– allow your time to be wasted.

– complain but don’t present a solution.

– negotiate to save some chump change today and lose the goodwill and trust of your client and provider tomorrow.

– keep grudges.

– give yourself up to your pleasures and desires without measuring the consequences.

– talk about the lives of others, criticize and judge without knowing the other side of the story.

– ignore what God thinks.

– put money and material goods above family, honor and character.

– let your feelings influence your decisions.

You can think big, if you want. But the first thing is to recognize how poor your current thoughts are. Then, understand that thinking big doesn’t cost anything.

On the other hand, thinking small can cost you a high price.


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