Facing Our Desert

If we look at the meaning of desert – it’s a barren piece of land where living conditions are hostile for most life forms. Fast forward to the present in our beautiful country of Trinidad & Tobago where poverty,misery,addictions,hardships and many other sufferings reign supreme. Even though our island is so beautiful some of us still endure our own private deserts. What do I mean?

The desert for us would be where you learn about yourself. In the desert you cannot count on anyone else BUT God. You are forced to live in total dependance on Him. This is where many of us fail. We choose to depend on friends, family, etc. We do not use our intelligent faith but instead we choose to be religious. In other words we doubt God!

God then goes to the bottom of our list. When you place God first in your private desert you prioritise your soul above all else! Remember the priority is to receive your Salvation. In order to achieve this we should look at hardships positively. Paul said we should thank God in everything (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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