Machinations Of The Devil

Often we credit the devil for more things than we should. You fear him more than you fear God and this is regretful. The devil has as much power as you allow him. It is important to understand how he works in our lives in order to defeat him.

The devil knows he cannot stop us from learning about God, trusting in Him and building a relationship with Him. However he can unscrupulously create situations that he can use to his advantage. The devil can orchestrate hindrances from every corner of your life to force you ‘to dance to his tune.’

Often times we have so many responsibilities that we neglect investing in our relationship with God. Our mind experiences an invasion of so many thoughts- bills to be paid, music that attempts to influence our behaviour, celebrities sending subliminal messages of how we should look – the list goes on. The devil is so intelligent that he attacks our minds.

There is almost an indiscernible attack on every part of your life. In our country we say, ‘everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.’ We need to be perceptive to these attacks. It is therefore imperative that we maintain a close and personal relationship with God, to avoid succumbing to the wiles of the devil.

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