Handling Our Insecurities

Examining our little island of Trinidad and Tobago we can observe that while our women evolve and develop, the men have been dwarfed into insignificance. All over our country women are now “wearing the pants in the relationships”. It can be noticed as well, that when this occurs often times both parties are frustrated and unhappy.

Through the Love Therapy we have observed that this has been a dilemma for many couples. Sometimes the woman ends up burying her husband even further. The fault that many women have is they complain and criticise. Dissatisfaction sets in and the woman now scorns her husband. This in turn has a chain reaction. The more she does this, the more insecure he becomes.

Three short steps to dealing with insecurity are as follows:

  1. Allow your partner to be involved in every thing in your life. When you are transparent it shows that you care about your partner’s opinions and it eliminates trust issues.
  2. Compliment your partner. Everyone needs to know that they are needed by their loved one. One of the best ways of giving value is to share positive feedback.
  3. Prioritize your time together. Many persons make there partners feel as though they are last in line. Change this and place your spouse, partner etc. at the top of the list.

Of course we all have limits and cannot eliminate your partner’s insecurities, but you can make a lasting contribution to them overcoming it!

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