Mr. Right – The Ideal Man

Finding Mr. Right is often a strenuous and demanding task as women. In Trinidad we observe so many cases of broken relationships. There is a list of fundamental qualities that a man must possess to fit into this bracket. For you men that are seeking to become the ideal man here are some hints:


  1. Temperament– Truth, honesty and sincerity must be part of a man’s temperament. These are the main attributes needed to make a woman happy.If a man is deficient in these areas, he lacks the qualities needed for a relationship to survive.
  2. Development– A woman detests having to submit to an immature man. Immature men like to boast, are afraid of commitment and are often insecure about their future. A woman needs a strong, mature man by her side that possesses definite goals and problem solving skills.
  3. Intelligence– With so many women throwing themselves at married men intelligence is definitely a necessary quality. Intelligent men think before acting or saying anything. This makes them capable of thinking about the consequences.
  4. Harmony– This is the quality that allows a man and women to be compatible with each other.
  5. God Fearing – A lot of the women in our society today are bitter after being betrayed by their spouses. But the man that fears God understands that God sees and knows all. The chances of betrayal by a man who truly knows God are slim.

Something to remember my dear ladies to have the ideal man, you have to first be the ideal woman!!!

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