Total Surrender

When we love someone, most of us are willing to relinquish everything we have to authenticate our love. Let us look at the institution of marriage for example. At times when we mention marriage to some couples, instantly they object. Why? For a lot of them it is because marriage means commitment.

Let us examine the word commitment. It means an agreement or pledge to do something. In this case a promise to be loyal. In order to be loyal we need to sacrifice. But sacrifice what? It means sacrificing your bachelor life, sacrificing to be patient, sacrificing to be there through thick and thin, sacrificing to forgive, sacrificing to love unconditionally etc.

But in our society of Trindad and Tobago what is promoted today is to live free. “You only live once. One life to live. What the eye doesn’t see the heart can’t grieve.” The list goes on. Our society does not publicise loyalty as much as self satisfaction. This is not with marriage only but also with God. Nowadays many of us say we love God but we are not willing to sacrifice our all for him. Some of us even delude ourselves into thinking that God is our life, but deep down we long for the pleasures of the world.

They seek God when they are in difficulties trying, as in a marriage to comfort God with false promises.  “If God helps me with this then I am going to be faithful for the rest of my life.” Then like the unfaithful wife/husband they break God’s heart.

When they seek God it is never completely. They seek God as if they are obligated to do it instead of with the respect and joy of their first love. They do not committ to God fully but expect him to fulfill His promises in their lives. They even claim that God is always first in their lives but actually He is not.

If we are honest and sincere with ourselves we would undertsand that seeking God means denying yourself and sacrificing your own will each and every day of our lives.

If we love God we will keep his commandments.

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