Unearth the Altar

Many people today think that they cannot go to the Altar because their life is in sin. Actually the Altar is for individuals who want a new life. However in our society today we like to enjoy the fruits but never the labor. The price of a new life on the Altar is to relinquish one’s sins. It is to abandon our old lives totally and pick up our crosses and follow Jesus.

In olden times, when someone wanted to be purged of his sins, he went to the Altar and delivered a sacrifice. The animal was a symbol of the life of this person. As long as the animal was dead, the person’s sin would also be dead.

In the case of the adulterous woman Jesus in all His infinite wisdom and mercy told her to go and sin no more (John 8:11). In order to place our lives fully on the altar we must be willing to have a total transformation in our life, reject our former lives and pay the ultimate price of surrender, sacrifice.

This does not only apply to sin, but also if you want a blessed life. Every person who went to the Altar was never rejected by God. Once you possess a sincere heart and a desire for your salvation Jesus will receive you. Therefore do not let anything impede you from proceeding to the Altar, because this is where you will find all your answers.

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