Sacrifice means literally “to relinquish or give up something for a purpose or ideal.” This is a law that can be applied universally even in the operations of the secular world.

Without sacrifice nothing can be gained. No one can win without sacrificing! If a student wants to obtain excellent grades in school he has to sacrifice his play time. If later on in school he wants a degree, again he has to sacrifice. If he then wants to become a successful business man, again this requires a monumental sacrifice. The list goes on and on.

Similarly in our faith sacrifice is essential. Jesus said that if a person is not prepared to give his all – even his own life-he cannot be a disciple. (Luke 14:26-30) To give one’s own life is a sacrifice.

Today we teach our kids about sacrifice from the time they can understand. We present choices to them in the secular world. They can have a sweet or an ice cream. They must sacrifice one for the other. Why then don’t we as adults see the importance of sacrifice?

Why do we need to sacrifice?

Sacrifice was something not even God himself avoided since he performed the greatest sacrifice of all- his son. Surely if there was any easier way he would have chosen it.

Sacrifice reveals our sincerity in our relationship with God. In Mark 10:17-30 when Jesus told the rich man to sell everything his countenance changed immediately. He grew sad when he thought of departing from his worldly wealth. Even though he knew the words of God, his worldly riches meant more to him. He showed his true spiritual level.

Sacrifice include time, effort, dedication, and determination to fight until you have obtained your objective.

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