The Truth

The hardest thing in the world to accept is the ……..TRUTH!

For some of you just reading the above line may have been difficult or offensive.

Every individual may not be ready to hear, much less accept the truth. A person has to humble themselves in order to accept it. The person who said “The truth hurts” was absolutely correct. It does! But does that mean that knowing the truth is bad?

Of course not! When someone tells you something that feels like they have left a knife in your side, did you ever stop to consider if the person is absolutely correct? Instead of acting with your emotions did you use your intelligence to analyse the situation? Did you receive the rebuke with humility?

Your reaction is what matters. If you were not humble enough to accept the truth …….how do you expect to develop yourself?

The offense and hurt you feel towards the person should in fact be directed towards the problem. You should be revolted with the problem enough to ensure it is not prolonged or does not recur.

Start analysing yourself. Correct your mistakes……….face the truth and move on. After all no one is perfect!

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