Clean Heart

As girls we tend to be a bit sensitive. Cleaning our hearts is sometimes a difficult task for us.

There is something that we would do well to understand. Satan works in the heart very easily. He uses people’s words and their actions so that he can create enmity in our heart.

The devil wants to ensure that our heart is full of contempt, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy etc. He knows that having a heart like this will make us weak and vulnerable to his attacks.

It is extremely important that we be able to recognize him and his wiles in any situation. Our heart is his target. It is for this especially as women, that we should clean our heart daily.

Imagine not having a bath every day. What would be the state of your body after five days? Yuck! Similarly with the heart, it needs to be cleaned every day. No grudges can be left there.

Let us not give the devil any entrance into our hearts! Keep it clean!!!!!!

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