Year Of Discipline

The Intellimen project was started as a way to improve and teach the average man how to become a successful man of God.

This project challenges you to be a better man in all areas of your life. However as with all learning institutions there is one pre-requisite: Humility.

If as an individual, you do not recognize the need for improvement, then this is not for you. An intelligent man recognizes that there’s more than muscles to a real man.

It takes character, intelligence and faith as well.

On the 7th May 2016 we will be hosting our fifth monthly gathering. As strong men we will be taught the basic fundamentals to being better men.

A man long ago was only required to provide and protect his family. However with the turn of the century, the world has changed. Women have changed.

Unfortunately the men were left lagging behind. The results to that equation were disoriented, discredited, discontent and disorganized men.

Intellimen is here to change that. Join us on the 7th of may. Let us change the story of men in today’s society.  Our motto is “Making men better”. Our mission.-Let’s walk together, learn from each other. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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