Break That Chain!

There are individuals who face problems that are so intricate that it causes them to become nervous and apprehensive. This causes them to search for alternative ways of dealing with that problem when they see no other way out.

What many addicts fail to realize is that this method is only a temporary “fix.” Of course this fix most often leads to the beginning of the road to addiction.

There are addictions that have persons hooked so deeply that they cannot see the problem with it. It slowly has become part of their life. If an individual does not believe that substance abuse is a problem for them they will be unlikely to change their behavior. Even if the destruction caused by the addiction is obvious to everyone else, it may not be so obvious to the addict.

The addict is a master at finding justifications for why their life is in such a mess. He has excuses such as:
However, there are those who are aware that they are slowly self-destructing, but do not know how to get out or even ask for help. Addictions are thieves. They steal your time, joy and relationships, often leaving you penniless, lower than you were before indulging in them, and they isolate you from the people around you.

Talking to those who have already achieved sobriety can help an addict see beyond their denial. Ex-addicts will understand the mentality of an addict in denial and so will have a better understanding of what to say.

Join us at our ACT (Addiction Cleansing Therapy)  meetings to talk to persons who have been through your experiences. We are here to help you!

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