“My partner does not listen to me…”

In our fast paced environment today everyone wants to be right! The truth is however no one can always be right. The important thing is to truly make an effort to understand your partner’s point of view. Would you like a dictator- someone to charter your every move without even asking your opinion? Of course not!

Talking is often not enough. Listening is imperative in the communication process – after all it is the first step to communication. In T&T we have an old adage, “Two ears, one mouth….listen more, speak less.”

When it comes to relationships in our island between couples, we have seen a lot of cases where each person is waiting to receive first. Why? Well we always tend to focus on what our partner is doing and not on ourselves. It is always easier to notice someone else’s flaws than our own.

To be heard is one of the most basic needs of a human being. In fact a lot of the times infidelity occurs in a relationship it is because your partner has found someone to listen (or appear that way) to them!

Try being more attentive and perceptive to your partner’s views and opinions, even if you do not necessarily agree. This will promote a happier, more balanced relationship that is mutually beneficial to both partners.

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