It’s as if my daughter has turned into a self- obsessed celebrity model,” my friend wailed about her daughter. I calmly asked her to remember what she was like at fourteen. Immediately she grimaces and laughs aloud, almost simultaneously.

Instead of being detached from our daughters why not share our experiences with them? Why not close the gap between us and them by holding their hands into womanhood?

Having a daughter is an unspeakable joy to a mother…. at first. Their girlishness and apparent love for pretty things endear them to us instantly. We see in them innocent, cute beings that are dependent on us for their everything.

Then, the unavoidable steps in…. they want to grow up and fly away from the safe haven that you so patiently and lovingly created for them. It’s the dilemma faced by most mothers with a daughter.

Youth cannot stand tediousness and the dullness of the same thing over and over. Even a few days of routine seems unbearable to them. Life assumes a soberer look and even a mother’s love cannot stay the hands of time!
The crave for independence is a natural process for anything that grows. Even animals grow up and away from their parents, creating their own homes and family.

After painstakingly grooming our daughters we should indeed be proud of them when they attempt to be independent. Instead of seeing it as an attempt to rebel, why not recognize that we were once at this point?

We are in a position to school our daughters on the principles of femininity. Let us embrace this opportunity in a positive way. Our daughters are soon to become the pillars upon which society is founded.

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