“How can I help?”

Watching our family members swim through the sea of addiction is always a heart wrenching experience. The addicted person as well as the family members may manipulate and bend reality in an attempt to maintain a semblance of normalcy. Living with addiction can put family members under unusual amounts of stress. Things generally take a downward spiral.

How can we help our loved ones who are so out of control? What can we do to curb their pain and suffering? Is there really a solution to these endless problems?

We need to understand that our family’s addiction does not imply he has a flawed character or even has behavioral issues. However, we need to understand there is a spirit that dominates the person’s mind. With this simple piece of knowledge, we can now understand the battle is spiritual. Persistence and perseverance by family members is essential in freeing your family.

As persons who are trying to free our family we should never be influenced by an addicts’ words, such as “I don’t want help”, “I can stop whenever I want to” etc. These words however convincing they may sound are the spirit of the addiction talking. Instead wait for the right moment to convince him to come to treatment. When he begins to realize what he has lost and how much pain he has caused he is usually more cooperative.

Unlike what most families do, the addict should not be scorned or alienated. Avoid accusing or condemning him for addiction. This causes a permanent barrier between the addict and their family. When you treat them differently it only pushes them further away.

Waiting for the addict to ask for help is of no use. Most of the time he will say he doesn’t want help or denies being an addict, which in truth and in fact leaves the family powerless, since every treatment requires him to be present.

Never should we conform to the idea that there is no way an addict could ever be free. This is not true! What the family should do is come to the treatment, believe, persevere and obey.

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