Real Men!

Every man is a work in progress. In a society flooded with information on what is a good man, there are of course particular traits that are synonymous with the ideal man. As men it is imperative that we continuously develop ourselves in this consistently changing society that we live in.
There are of course particular traits that are most definitely synonymous with being a productive, disciplined man.

Maturity – A mature man has goals and aspirations and knows where he wants go in life. He does not cower from commitment and is not insecure. Mature men display bravery when problem solving and are not afraid to go the extra mile.

Learning – A good man always seeks to develop himself by consistently updating himself and learning new things. New lessons and developments are always available and a real man takes advantage of this!

Adaptable – A man has the ability to be adaptable in any situation. Even if he fails at an attempted task he has the positivity and staying power to keep trying! After all, even Jesus adapted to being just a normal man as opposed to being the son of God!

Character – This is a prerequisite to keeping one’s spouse happy. Good manners, care and consideration are all part of an excellent character. If a man lacks honesty and sincerity, then it is hardly likely that he can survive in a relationship. Beware!
Team Player – As men we must understand that the team’s success is also our success. Since marriage and relationships are basically team efforts it is imperative that more care is placed on the team winning than on YOU winning!

Intelligence – Often times this trait is underrated because we assume that everyone can exercise intelligence. Wrong!!!!!! Smart men think carefully of the consequences before acting or speaking. This quality often gives us men the strength to stand firm and not make whimsical, spur of the moment decisions that often carry life long sentences!

God Fearing – It goes without saying that when a man fears God, he will never betray his wife. The knowledge that God is present and knows and sees all is enough.

Good men know and understand that “iron sharpens iron, as man sharpens man!”


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