Diseased Faith

The first step in curing a disease is to sought a qualified physician. Thereafter the doctor most
probably would prescribe medication that of course you obtain immediately. After all you
believe in the doctor and his recommendation! Your first priority is to obey in order to get

Now let us look at your faith. Who is the doctor of your faith? God of course. Therefore, when
your faith becomes sick or deceased, what is the procedure? The same as above of course. The
questions may arise in your mind………what is a diseased faith? What are the symptoms of a
diseased faith?

A diseased faith is one that refuses to trust God completely with no doubts. A person with a
diseased faith does things only when suitable to him. A person who has a well faith does not
waver depending on the circumstances. On the contrary they stand firm regardless of the

A diseased faith is an ineffective weapon against the devil. Some of the symptoms of a sick faith
are doubt, fear, anguish, worry, anxiety, cynicism, spitefulness etc.
Fortunately, some of us consistently visit our “doctor” for “regular check-ups” through
exercising our faith and obedience to His (our doctor’s) words.

It would be quite pertinent to ask yourself now ……………Do I need a complete check

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