The Addiction Cleansing Therapy is a session created for persons suffering from any type of addiction. In these sessions, you will be given practical advice on how you can finally turn your life back around. The sessions are held by bishops & pastors who have years of experience of not only struggling with addiction but also finding the help they needed in order quit.
ACT not only saves lives, but also shows and guides members step by step on how to rebuild it.


Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT) began with Bishop Rogerio Formingoni. Once an addict, today he speaks about his past experiences with different types of drugs, what lead him to be addicted and the effects it had on him and his family . Today, a bishop and a completely changed man, Formigoni has sought out to help those who are/were suffering from the same issues he once dealt with. Today hundreds of thousands attend this therapy worldwide and have testified the results of their healing. 


Contrary to popular belief, addiction CAN be healed but its takes more than words and a positive minded individual to free themselves from their obsessions. The cure for addictions is a fight, when determined to be fought to the end, is won by every person who is part of this treatment. Every addiction is a spirit, and every spirit can be torn, so healing is real. We have the direction that will set you free. Either directly or indirectly. If you and your family have suffered from an addictions and do not know where to turn to, the Addictions Cleansing Therapy  was made for you. 



Like every other country in the world today, Trinidad & Tobago suffers from thousands of addicts. While many will try and deny it, they are hooked and are struggling to find a way out . Thousands of families and relationships in T&T have already been torn apart because of these obsessions. Hard earned money, lost in hours, sometimes even minutes as a result of uncontrollable gambling. Many have become abusive towards their spouse, children and other loved ones due to the influence of alcohol. Cigarettes have ruined and destroyed thousands of Trinbagonian bodies from the inside out day after day. As a result, ACT has come to Trinidad with the mission of giving you and your loved ones your lives back. Many have already been healed in Trinidad and others are already benefiting from the progress they have made in the Therapy.

Pastors with experience and guidance are waiting to help you get your turnaround. What are you waiting for?

Pr Edson (ACT)


Simple. Fetch your coat, leave your home and come visit us. The Addiction Cleansing Therapy is held in #2 Broadway downtown Port of Spain in the Universal Church headquarters of Trinidad & Tobago. The sessions take place at the headquarters every Sunday at 3pm and are only an hour long. The pastors are going to help you, show you the actions you need to take and the direction you need to move towards in order to free yourself or your loved ones from the addictions that have been troubling you for so long. 

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