Night Vigil for New Things

Maybe you started the new year (2015) wishing for new things to happen in your life. However, it seems that your problem has taken root in your life. That old issue in your sentimental life, your financial life or even your family life still exists. Perhaps you are tired of these age old matters in your life. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for a complete turn around in your life? Are you ready to see a NEW outcome in your life?

Then join us on December 31st at 10:00pm for the Night Vigil of New Things at Globe Cinema in the heart of Port-of-Spain. At this vigil we are going to assist you in getting rid of those old problems and starting life afresh for 2016. No longer will you accept suffering as part of your life. Excellence is not a destination it is a journey that never ends. In keeping with God’s promise to us that HE will make all things new, we will embark on this journey together.

A life of excellence and His fulfilled promises in our life, as long as we are obedient to him awaits us in 2016.

After this explosive night vigil we will be renewed, revived and ready for 2016.

Invite your co-workers, friends and family members to receive this blessing and victory on Old Years Night.

A wise man once said that the greatest ignorance of man is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Unfortunately, these very same people end up making the same mistake upon entering the new year. They enter the new year with emotion,addiction, bad choices, no goals for their lives and most importantly NO GUIDANCE.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” If you want to see the words of God fulfilled in your life…………………………………………

Then join us on December 31st at 10:00pm for the Night Vigil of New Things at Globe Cinema in the heart of Port-of-Spain. At this vigil we are going to assist you in getting rid of those old problems and starting life afresh for 2016. It’s a special moment to dedicate the first minutes of the year seeking spiritual strength and direction to reach your dreams and objectives. No longer will you accept suffering as part of your life. Excellence is not a destination it is a journey that never ends. In keeping with God’s promise to us that HE will make all things new, we will embark on this journey together.

A life of excellence and His fulfilled promises in our life, as long as we are obedient to him awaits us in 2016.

After this explosive night vigil we will be renewed, revived and ready for 2016.

Invite your co-workers, friends and family members to receive this blessing and victory on Old Years Night.

Campaign of Israel – In the faith of Gideon

Campaign Of IsraelWhat is the Campaign of Gideon?

The aim of the Campaign is to awaken people’s faith. Its focal point is aimed at those who are fatigued with hiding from their problems and never achieving success in their ventures. After all, inactive faith is useless to an individual!

What kind of faith must we have?

The Bible says that “faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). Faith can then be seen as the connecting factor between two worlds, the earthly and the supernatural. With this faith anything is possible. If we examine all the heroes and heroines in the Bible including Gideon, we would immediately recognise supernatural Faith as their weapon.

How do I exercise my faith?

The first step is to Revolt. It is important to note that this Revolt is not physical or emotional. In the natural revolt if someone steps on your feet you instantly get revolted and angry but this emotion is momentary. However in the supernatural revolt, you exercise your faith and make the ultimate expression of that revolt: Sacrifice.

This revolt is the beginning of the change in your life. No longer will you accept the oppression and opposition. No longer will you accept to be the tail and not the head. No longer will you accept to be a servant of the Lord and not see the promises of God fulfilled in your life.

As Gideon said to God “Pardon me my Lord, but if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where are all the wonders that his ancestors told us about?” (Judges 6:13).Gideon had enough of the humiliation, enough of being afraid even though he was a man of God……..Gideon was not easily appeased. Therefore in his revolt he made the ultimate sacrifice!

Why do I have to sacrifice?

Sacrifice is the ultimate manifestation of one’s faith. When Gideon offered the second bull this was his ALL. Most persons express their faith but do not give their “second bull”. If you want to call God’s attention you MUST present your ultimate sacrifice which represents all your strength, all your surrender, all your obedience and all your revolt with your situation.

Sacrificng whole heartedly is never easy. Why? Most probably it takes us out of our routine. But there is no escaping if we want to see the power of God in our life.

How do I sacrifice?

Like Gideon years ago God has also called us to give our ultimate sacrifice-ourselves on the altar. God does not want us to stay in our dark cave of humiliaton, depression, sickness, poverty etc. Instead he wants us to have the light of His promises. We sacrifice our ALL wholeheartedly and reap the benefits of his promises to us.


Sacrifice means literally “to relinquish or give up something for a purpose or ideal.” This is a law that can be applied universally even in the operations of the secular world.

Without sacrifice nothing can be gained. No one can win without sacrificing! If a student wants to obtain excellent grades in school he has to sacrifice his play time. If later on in school he wants a degree, again he has to sacrifice. If he then wants to become a successful business man, again this requires a monumental sacrifice. The list goes on and on.

Similarly in our faith sacrifice is essential. Jesus said that if a person is not prepared to give his all – even his own life-he cannot be a disciple. (Luke 14:26-30) To give one’s own life is a sacrifice.

Today we teach our kids about sacrifice from the time they can understand. We present choices to them in the secular world. They can have a sweet or an ice cream. They must sacrifice one for the other. Why then don’t we as adults see the importance of sacrifice?

Why do we need to sacrifice?

Sacrifice was something not even God himself avoided since he performed the greatest sacrifice of all- his son. Surely if there was any easier way he would have chosen it.

Sacrifice reveals our sincerity in our relationship with God. In Mark 10:17-30 when Jesus told the rich man to sell everything his countenance changed immediately. He grew sad when he thought of departing from his worldly wealth. Even though he knew the words of God, his worldly riches meant more to him. He showed his true spiritual level.

Sacrifice include time, effort, dedication, and determination to fight until you have obtained your objective.

Unearth the Altar

Many people today think that they cannot go to the Altar because their life is in sin. Actually the Altar is for individuals who want a new life. However in our society today we like to enjoy the fruits but never the labor. The price of a new life on the Altar is to relinquish one’s sins. It is to abandon our old lives totally and pick up our crosses and follow Jesus.

In olden times, when someone wanted to be purged of his sins, he went to the Altar and delivered a sacrifice. The animal was a symbol of the life of this person. As long as the animal was dead, the person’s sin would also be dead.

In the case of the adulterous woman Jesus in all His infinite wisdom and mercy told her to go and sin no more (John 8:11). In order to place our lives fully on the altar we must be willing to have a total transformation in our life, reject our former lives and pay the ultimate price of surrender, sacrifice.

This does not only apply to sin, but also if you want a blessed life. Every person who went to the Altar was never rejected by God. Once you possess a sincere heart and a desire for your salvation Jesus will receive you. Therefore do not let anything impede you from proceeding to the Altar, because this is where you will find all your answers.

Rosington Stewart


Rosington StewartMy name is Rosington Stewart. One day I started feeling a severe pain in my stomach. I took no heed of it until the pain grew. One afternoon whilst at my job the pain was so bad I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors there told me I had a heart attack.

At the time I was attending the church seeking for my healing. I persevered with my prayer and again visited the doctor. The doctor advised that I take an ECG which I did. The tests results showed that I was completely healed. I then went to a private doctor who took another test. Again the results were negative.

Today I am completely healed of all heart problems as shown by my medical report. Doctor's Note

Reeshad Mohammed

Before I came to the Universal Church I found a button on my foot that burst and formed a hole that kept growing. I visited different doctors ……..maybe about five. I spent a lot of money on my foot but no one could have told me what was wrong. My wife invited me to the UCKG but since I was a part of another religion I refused.

After some weeks the hole grew to a point where I could not sleep because of the pain. I couldn’t walk and was medicated heavily. I grew so despondent that I finally decided to accept my wife’s invite and attend the church. When I visited a pastor spoke to me concerning my problem and he prayed for me.

He advised me to do the chain of prayer which I did. I saw immediate results. At this time the purpose of the handkerchief came around. I used my faith and applied it to my foot. The hole in my foot closed up completely. Within one week I was totally healed.

After that I could have slept peacefully with no pain in my foot. I no longer had to take medication for my feet. I was completely healed from this condition. I thank God that even until today there have been no relapses.

Click here to see images of Reeshad’s healing.  !WARNING! Content may be graphic to some viewers.

Denise Phasa

PhasaWhen I came to the Universal Church I was sufferring from spinal injuries that I received on my job. Following the surgery I was still suffering with both back and neck pains. I saw the television program and decided to visit the church. When I came to the church I was using a walking stick and neck brace.

After attending the church I got my healing and my surgery was cancelled but since everything was done privately I had a lot of debts to the credit unions and banks. I had no income since my salary had stopped. The banks were threatening to take legal action to recover their money. It was at this time that I heard about the Campaign of Israel and all the testimonies. I decided that I wanted to experience the extraordinary.

I decided to join the campaign believing that I too could experience the extraordinary. My campaign was concerning the settlement of a court matter that was ongoing since 2007. The campaign was on a Sunday and I went to court the following Thursday and right away I won my settlement  for over a million dollars!

The extraordinary was definitely taking place in my life. First I got my healing and now total freedom from my debts. God truly showed me the extraordinary!

Stephen Beepath

Stephen BepaathMy name is Stephen Beepath. Before I came to the UCKG I used to drink, smoke and be very depressed. There was always a lonely, empty feeling inside me that I tried to fill with these things. Once I was smoking and drinking I felt good, however the depression would return, sometimes even worse. There was always quarelling in my home because I used to stay out late at the bars and associate with bad company.  I even spent my entire salary on drugs and drinks.

One day I saw the television program and decided I wanted a change in my life. I used to try to stop on my own but still the desire was there to smoke and drink. I was tired of having no peace in my family and no peace within myself.

I visited the church one Sunday and immediately my life was transformed. It is only when I started praying sincerely that God removed all these urges from inside of me. I took my decision and got baptised the same day.

My advice to anyone is to seek God since there is no other way. Do your chain of prayer and God will bless your life.

Today I have complete joy, peace and happiness in my life. I am truly blessed.

Ray Victory

Ray VictoryMy name is Ray Victory. Before I came to the UCKG my life was in a mess. I used to party and drink a lot. I was involved in the security industry. One day while at my job I fell and slipped on some liquid soap and was knocked unconscious. When I regained my senses I was warded at the St. Clair Medical Hospital. I discovered that my spine was badly damaged and needed surgery immediately.

I questioned the doctor as to the success rate of surgeries like this. His reply was not satisfactory so I decided against the procedure. A couple days after, two ladies from the UCKG gave me an invitation to the church.

While attending the church and seeking for my healing I received multiple blessings within a two month period. Things I could not have done before, I realized I could do now. Before because of the severity of my injury I could not bend or lift anything. Now there is a total transformation in my body. I received success also in my marriage and my job.

My advice to anyone, “ don’t ever give up.” The time when your deliverance is near is when you most feel like giving up, don’t give up ….fight. My life is now blessed, my family is blessed – I’m married with my own home and I am now a pest control technician and contractor.

Total Surrender

When we love someone, most of us are willing to relinquish everything we have to authenticate our love. Let us look at the institution of marriage for example. At times when we mention marriage to some couples, instantly they object. Why? For a lot of them it is because marriage means commitment.

Let us examine the word commitment. It means an agreement or pledge to do something. In this case a promise to be loyal. In order to be loyal we need to sacrifice. But sacrifice what? It means sacrificing your bachelor life, sacrificing to be patient, sacrificing to be there through thick and thin, sacrificing to forgive, sacrificing to love unconditionally etc.

But in our society of Trindad and Tobago what is promoted today is to live free. “You only live once. One life to live. What the eye doesn’t see the heart can’t grieve.” The list goes on. Our society does not publicise loyalty as much as self satisfaction. This is not with marriage only but also with God. Nowadays many of us say we love God but we are not willing to sacrifice our all for him. Some of us even delude ourselves into thinking that God is our life, but deep down we long for the pleasures of the world.

They seek God when they are in difficulties trying, as in a marriage to comfort God with false promises.  “If God helps me with this then I am going to be faithful for the rest of my life.” Then like the unfaithful wife/husband they break God’s heart.

When they seek God it is never completely. They seek God as if they are obligated to do it instead of with the respect and joy of their first love. They do not committ to God fully but expect him to fulfill His promises in their lives. They even claim that God is always first in their lives but actually He is not.

If we are honest and sincere with ourselves we would undertsand that seeking God means denying yourself and sacrificing your own will each and every day of our lives.

If we love God we will keep his commandments.