Christopher Mitchell

Christopher MitchellSince I was young, my life was a living hell because of my father and his drinking and smoking habits. He would keep us up all night because he was quarrelling and drunk. I developed a hatred for him. In fact he was also very abusive to my mother as well. One day he even fought with my mother and I attacked him. I felt so bad having to fight my father in order to defend my mother. I used to pray and ask God to stop this vicious cycle in my life. I even questioned whether there was a God and why he didn’t put an end to my suffering.

I used to see the program of the church and turn off the television. I think I got fed up of seeing it over and over. One Sunday my friend invited me to the church so I decided to accept the invitation. When I went to the service a pastor came to speak to me. He prayed and advised me to do a chain of prayer and to be faithful. I was indeed consistent in my chain of prayer as I prayed and asked God to bring peace in my home and to change my life completely.

A little while after the Campaign Of Israel came around. I listened as the pastor spoke about giving your life completely to God. I thought a lot about my request to God. At first I thought about asking for money, house, car etc. Then I thought to myself, no its better I ask for peace in my home and to change the story of my family. When I approached the altar this was my prayer to God.

Four months later my mother came to the church, soon after my two sisters and even my father. My father no longer fights with us. We no longer have sleepless nights. There is peace in my family.

My advice to anyone out there is to use your faith completely to make that change and with God everything is possible. What God has done for me he can do for anyone else.


Kevon Bally

Kevon BallyMy name is Kevon Bally. I was addicted to alcohol and liming. This started as soon as I left school. I would lime every weekend, sometimes straight through the night without going home. Eventually I was charged with drinking and driving. I was sentenced for some time in prison because of this. I even lost my relationship because my girlfriend was tired of the drinking so she left.

I used to try to change when I was sober. I remember thinking, “this is not me” and I would try to change. Sometimes I would be sober for as much as two weeks and then I would go back to the drinking and partying again.

This went on, until my mother saw the television program. She decided to go to the church and talk to the pastor.  The pastor visited me at home because I decided not to attend the church. He made a strong prayer for me and then asked if I was ready to change my life. I told him yes I was ready. He then invited me to church on Sunday where I began to attend regularly.

I have completely  stopped liming and drinking. My family and the people in the village now look at me differently. Before they did not want to be around me because of the person I was. They have grown to love me now. After ten years I am now free from these addictions. I am a changed person and extremely happy.

To anyone who is addicted I would say you must have faith and you must believe in order to change. I never thought I could change but my faith in God changed everything.


AsimoyHi my name is Asimoy. For thirteen years I was addicted to partying, cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol. My family life was pure confusion and quarrels. Because I was so worried and depressed about my situation I had a lot of sleepless nights.

I was in a lot of debt because my two-pack a day cigarette and marijuana habit was very expensive to maintain. Even if I didn’t have the money I would credit. I would take the money that was supposed to purchase items for my children and fund my addiction.

When the money was finished and my children complained they didn’t have things I would get so angry and frustrated with myself. Sometimes I took my frustration out on my three kids even though I knew it was not their fault. As a mother this made me feel even worse, I would sink even lower into my depression. My husband and I fought all the time. My family life was broken and damaged and I could not understand what was going on.

I got fed up of this situation and started talking to God. Around this time is when I saw the television program and decided to visit the church. After speaking to the pastor he counselled me and advised me to do a chain of prayer. I obeyed and exercised my faith.

Today I have a new life because my chain of prayer worked. My husband and I stopped fighting and are able to talk with respect to each other now. My marriage and family life is now stable and I am free of all the addictions in my life.

Aneisha Patton

Aneisha PattonMy name is Aneisha Patton. I used to be depressed and frustrated. I was so stressed that I did not even want to wake up in the morning. Home was like hell for me, so I gambled and drank in order to ease my stress and make money to get out. Or so I thought. I was not comfortable at home because it was always a quarrel or drinking with my family .The more I gambled the more my debts increased. If I won one day I lost the other days. I used to ask God to “let me win some money so I could better my life.” I used to be so fed up because I could not control the urge to gamble.

I started praying in earnest and coming to the church. I remember one day the pastor saying that the things you do are a reflection of your life. Through the Friday service and hearing other people’s testimonies I decided that I to wanted a new life. I also heard the pastor speak about receiving the Holy Spirit and thought to myself if everybody is happy why shouldn’t I be? That weekend I got baptized.

I received my deliverance and no longer felt the desire to gamble. Also I started sleeping more comfortably at night. Since I was no longer depressed I was able to plan my life better. I joined the YPG, started my degree and opened up my own business. My advice to the youths is to seek God at all times, good and bad and everything will fall into place for you.

Handling Our Insecurities

Examining our little island of Trinidad and Tobago we can observe that while our women evolve and develop, the men have been dwarfed into insignificance. All over our country women are now “wearing the pants in the relationships”. It can be noticed as well, that when this occurs often times both parties are frustrated and unhappy.

Through the Love Therapy we have observed that this has been a dilemma for many couples. Sometimes the woman ends up burying her husband even further. The fault that many women have is they complain and criticise. Dissatisfaction sets in and the woman now scorns her husband. This in turn has a chain reaction. The more she does this, the more insecure he becomes.

Three short steps to dealing with insecurity are as follows:

  1. Allow your partner to be involved in every thing in your life. When you are transparent it shows that you care about your partner’s opinions and it eliminates trust issues.
  2. Compliment your partner. Everyone needs to know that they are needed by their loved one. One of the best ways of giving value is to share positive feedback.
  3. Prioritize your time together. Many persons make there partners feel as though they are last in line. Change this and place your spouse, partner etc. at the top of the list.

Of course we all have limits and cannot eliminate your partner’s insecurities, but you can make a lasting contribution to them overcoming it!

“My Partner Does Not Listen To Me……….”

In our fast paced environment today everyone wants to be right! The truth is however no one can always be right. The important thing is to truly make an effort to understand your partner’s point of view. Would you like a dictator- someone to charter your every move without even asking your opinion? Of course not!

Talking is often not enough. Listening is imperative in the communication process- after all it is the first step to communication. In T&T we have an old adage, “Two ears, one mouth….listen more, speak less.”

When it comes to relationships in our island between couples, we have seen a lot of cases where each person is waiting to receive first. Why? Well we always tend to focus on what our partner is doing and not on ourselves. It is always easier to notice someone else’s flaws than our own.

To be heard is one of the most basic needs of a human being. In fact a lot of the times infidelity occurs in a relationship it is because your partner has found someone to listen (or appear that way) to them!

Try being more attentive and perceptive to your partner’s views and opinions, even if you do not necessarily agree. This will promote a happier, more balanced relationship that is mutually beneficial to both partners.

There are plenty more beneficial lessons to learn on building and maintaining your relationship. Join the Love Therapy  session every Thursday at 5pm for more.

Mr. Right – The Ideal Man

Finding Mr. Right is often a strenuous and demanding task as women. In Trinidad we observe so many cases of broken relationships. There is a list of fundamental qualities that a man must possess to fit into this bracket. For you men that are seeking to become the ideal man here are some hints:


  1. Temperament– Truth, honesty and sincerity must be part of a man’s temperament. These are the main attributes needed to make a woman happy.If a man is deficient in these areas, he lacks the qualities needed for a relationship to survive.
  2. Development– A woman detests having to submit to an immature man. Immature men like to boast, are afraid of commitment and are often insecure about their future. A woman needs a strong, mature man by her side that possesses definite goals and problem solving skills.
  3. Intelligence– With so many women throwing themselves at married men intelligence is definitely a necessary quality. Intelligent men think before acting or saying anything. This makes them capable of thinking about the consequences.
  4. Harmony– This is the quality that allows a man and women to be compatible with each other.
  5. God Fearing – A lot of the women in our society today are bitter after being betrayed by their spouses. But the man that fears God understands that God sees and knows all. The chances of betrayal by a man who truly knows God are slim.

Something to remember my dear ladies to have the ideal man, you have to first be the ideal woman!!!

Seeta Jattan

Seeta JattanHi my name is Seeta Jattan. I had a lot of problems in my marriage. I have been married for about two years now. When we first got married there was no communication. My husband never listened to anything I said. I would not speak to him either. This left me sad, down and depressed. We had a lot of quarrels for no reason and I thought this was not the person for me. I wanted to break up with him because I thought he was not the right one.

When I came to the Love Therapy I got counselling from the pastors about communication, perseverance and how to get to know my spouse better. After I came to the Love Therapy I practised what I learned from the pastors.

My marriage began to change after that.  We now communicate more and go places together. My marriage is now wonderful and happy .

Parbatee Kemchand

Partbatee KemchandMy name is Parbatee Khemchand and before I came to the Universal Church I had kidney stones and experienced a lot of pain in my back. I went to the doctor and he said to do an ultrasound in order to see what my problem was. I did the ultrasound and the doctor told me to come back in two weeks to get my results.

I went back to the doctor where he read my results and told me that I had a kidney stone on the right side of my kidney. I had a lot of pain in my back and could not stand on my feet. I did not know what to do. The pain made me feel so depressed and sad that I couldn’t get my son ready for school.

I took the tablet and it eased the pain a little bit. However in about two to three hours the pain came back. The nights were worse than the days. I turned and twisted with pain. My husband was also helpless to the situation. He suggested I take the tablets, which I did. It helped for a while and the pain came again.

One day I was watching the television when the Stop Suffering program came on at 1pm. I saw the testimonies that other persons had given. The pastors there were talking about the water treatment of faith and oil. He told us to bring a bottle of water every Sunday. I brought my bottle of water and they blessed it in the church and I drank it. They gave us the anointed oil from Israel which I also drank. When I went back to the doctor he made me do another ultrasound. I waited one month for the results. After the one month he read my results and there were no more kidney stones in my body. I was discharged from the clinic after this happened. God set me free from any physical pain.

From that time to now I got peace, joy and love in my marriage. Things changed in my life after that.

Machinations Of The Devil

Often we credit the devil for more things than we should. You fear him more than you fear God and this is regretful. The devil has as much power as you allow him. It is important to understand how he works in our lives in order to defeat him.

The devil knows he cannot stop us from learning about God, trusting in Him and building a relationship with Him. However he can unscrupulously create situations that he can use to his advantage. The devil can orchestrate hindrances from every corner of your life to force you ‘to dance to his tune.’

Often times we have so many responsibilities that we neglect investing in our relationship with God. Our mind experiences an invasion of so many thoughts- bills to be paid, music that attempts to influence our behaviour, celebrities sending subliminal messages of how we should look – the list goes on. The devil is so intelligent that he attacks our minds.

There is almost an indiscernible attack on every part of your life. In our country we say, ‘everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.’ We need to be perceptive to these attacks. It is therefore imperative that we maintain a close and personal relationship with God, to avoid succumbing to the wiles of the devil.