Sandra Hamid

Sandra HamidI had a lot of family problems before coming to the church. Many of my family members were addicted to drugs, alcohol and partying.

As a mother it would hurt to see my children smoking and drinking. I would sit down full of tears asking God to take them out of their situation. Unfortunately nothing worked.

After being invited to the Universal Church I began to make a chain of prayer on behalf of my family. It seemed that things were getting worse but I persevered and fought for my family.

When the Campaign of Israel came around I took part in it and asked God to transform my family from head to toe. After a few days I decided to invite one of my daughters to attend a church service with me, surprisingly she joined me and to this day has not stopped.

After the campaign came to an end I remained in the chain of prayer and not long after, my second daughter accepted my invitation and joined me in the church. She eventually brought her own children as well and we are now all together in the presence of God.

The transformation slowly happened in my family after I took part in the Campaign. Today my entire household is free and we are all together in the church, thanks to the Campaign of Israel.

Dale Marshall

Dale MarshallBefore coming to the Church I was jobless for approximately six months as I had recently graduated from school. It was very difficult to see myself being dependent on my mother knowing that she had a lot on her shoulders. Due to these situations I use to feel depressed and embarrassed, as I realised that I couldn’t help my mother provide for the household nor could I provide for myself.

When the Campaign of Israel came around I decided to take part of it because I was seeing the great testimonies of others on the television who had taken part in the previous campaigns. Deep inside I believed that God would do the same for me as well.

My prayer request was to receive from God a good job with a good salary that would enable me to come to church as often as possible. Exactly what I asked from God is exactly what I received.

Today my financial life is blessed and completely different. I am no longer ashamed, instead I have the condition to supply for my mother, my home and for myself. I would encourage and tell anyone out there that just as God blessed and honored me, he will do the same for you in the Campaign of Israel.

Wendy Cooper

Wendy CooperBefore I came to the Universal Church I had problems in my Sentimental life. I had thoughts of committing suicide as I had a very serious case of depression.

I was in a common law relationship with my son’s father for 13 years. It was then I found out that he was being unfaithful to me. It was difficult for me to deal with this because he meant everything to me. I didn’t know what to do, my self-esteem dropped really low. Everyday, bit by bit, I began to give up on living and all I desired was to just end it all knowing that he no longer loved me. I attempted suicide three times by overdosing twice and by slitting my wrist once.

One day my sister invited me to the church. I went and I joined the chain of prayer but my depression never seemed to leave me. I still had sleepless nights and at times I only got half an hour of sleep.

A month passed and the Campaign of Israel began. The pastor explained to us what the Campaign was and how to use our faith to fight for what we wanted. I decided to take part of the Campaign because I wanted to be with someone who would not only love me, but someone who would be faithful to me, marry me and move forward in life with me. I told God if that person wasn’t the right one for me then bring someone who is going to love me for me and will accept me just the way that I am.

My request was answered as my previous partner and I ended the relationship. Four months later I met the right person who today is my husband. He is truly a man of God, everything I asked for and he is the gift God gave to me. Just as I asked in my request, I received.

Today my family is blessed, I am happy in my love life, I am no longer depressed and I no longer have the desire to kill myself. Now I just want to live life everyday as I have so much more to live for.


Anjanie Jerry

Anjanie JerryI came to the church with a lot of problems. I had suicidal thoughts, held grudges and had hatred in my heart. I would always take revenge when anyone did anything against me. I felt like my life had no purpose. Nothing was making me happy, I was lost.

All I did was get up in the morning and wonder where I would be going to hang out that day. When I drank I would forget all of my problems but when I got sober again it was there staring me right in my face. My family life was in a mess, we had lots of fights and quarrel in the home every single day.

My mother- in -law invited me to the church on several occasions but I never attended. I was out one day and I saw her right outside the church. For some reason, at that moment I decided to accompany her. When I arrived I felt a calmness that I had never felt before. I decided to take part in the chain of prayer where I learned to use my faith. I put my faith into practice and I obeyed the directions I was given by the pastors.

Today I am a transformed person as I no longer need to go to bars and drink alcohol to comfort myself. I no longer have suicidal thoughts, my home is finally at peace and I no longer hold grudges or hatred towards those I once considered my enemies.

Today I am free.

Lisa Lejou

LisaFor the past three years I’ve been having spiritual attacks every night. I felt like something was choking me and holding down both my hands and feet. I would be screaming and fighting but no one would hear me. This had me very depressed.

I would go out partying and drinking a lot. My family life was terrible as we had a lot of arguments in the home due to my lifestyle.

I was watching the television and the Stop Suffering program came on. I listened to the testimonies and I made a decision that day that I would go down to the church. I called my mom and we went together.

We came to the church and during the service the pastor laid his hands on us and prayed. I felt a great relief that day so I continued going to the church and I learned how to use my faith day by day.

Today my life has been totally transformed. I completed my home which I have been trying to do for quite a while. I always thought that I would never find someone to love but today I am happily married. We have two beautiful children and my life has been blessed in every single way. I no longer have sleepless nights, spiritual problems or any issues within my family.

I am happy and thankful for everything God has done for me.

Nisha Lutchman

Nekisha Lutchman I used to be a very depressed person. I chose to sell cigarettes on my own for profit but then I began to smoke the same cigarettes I sold. Deep inside I believed that smoking was the cure to my depression. At times people would come and purchase cigarettes from me. However when I had a slow day and no buyers around, I would smoke the cigarettes myself. In my mind it felt as though I wasn’t losing anything.

I thought my depression would leave me if I smoked but five minutes after I was done the depression and emptiness would return to me. I did not know what was wrong with me and it seemed as though nothing could take it away.

After watching the television program I decided to visit the church. The pastor was preaching and encouraging those who really wanted to see a change in their lives. Knowing the road I was heading into, I decided to join the chain of prayer and soon enough I stopped smoking and stopped selling cigarettes to others.

Today I’m free from my addiction and most importantly I’m free from my depression. Once I put my faith into action I realized I did not require smoking to fill the emptiness inside. I no longer sell cigarettes to others, instead I’m happy and I’m a completely changed person.

I don’t lose myself when I face problems anymore thanks to God.

Michael Warwood

Michael WarwoodThree years ago I began feeling severe pain on my lower abdomen. Throughout that year I went around seeking for different doctors and they all told me I had a prostate enlargement. The last doctor I visited told me things were getting so bad I had to go through immediate surgery. I did not know what I was going to do.

During that period I had already been watching the Universal Church television shows and I was very interested. I told the doctor that I would get back to him if it were necessary and after leaving the hospital I headed straight to the church.

At the time the Campaign of Israel was in progress and I decided to take part of it.

Three weeks after taking part of the campaign, I returned to the doctor for another diagnostic test. To the doctor’s surprise, I was completely cleared of any prostate enlargement and for the last two years I’ve had no problems, no pains and everything has been going so well for me.

Today I’m 74 years years old and I’m still physically fit thanks to God.

Marjorie De Four


I have been attending the Universal Church for the past two and a half years. Before coming to the Church I suffered from depression, high blood pressure and sleepless nights. I used to take a lot of pills to sleep which was very costly. Every month I used to visit the doctor’s office because I used to feel a lot of pain on my neck. They took different tests and examinations but couldn’t diagnose why my blood pressure was so high. I left the country thinking that things would change, but nothing happened.

One day I was walking by the Church and I was invited to go upstairs into the hall. When I got there I spoke with one of the Pastor’s and he introduced me to the Chain of Prayer for my deliverance. I wanted to get rid of the problems I was going through so I used my faith and attended the services each time I got the opportunity.

Today God has honored my faith because I’m delivered, set free and no longer suffer from high blood pressure. But that is not all, God has been blessing me in many areas of my life and I would love to share that.

I wanted to open my own business selling cooking gas. One day I called the company requesting that I needed  ten tanks. They however, refused because they said that I was living in a high risk area and they would not be coming there or signing any contract. That day I went before God crying and praying asking him to open a door for me. Within an hour after I prayed they called me and offered me three times the amount I  requested.

I give God all the honor and Glory for making the impossible to become possible in all the areas of my life.