What is it?

A Chain of Prayer is a specific technique designed to encourage an indivdual to attend service on a certain day of the week, for the sole purpose of prayer, for a special need in their life. Each day of the week has a unique prayer focus.  It may be a financial breakthrough, healing, spiritual deliverance or even a prayer for your family life. The Chain of Prayer is a commitment of seven weeks without interruption, where you will learn to use your faith to overcome your problems.

Learning to release your faith

In our Caribbean society today most individuals are so overpowered by their problems they find it strenuous to use their faith in the first meeting. However when a person does this type of prayer their faith is emboldened, aroused and prepared to receive the manifestation of God’s blessing in their lives. One thing we must remember is to never give up!


The success of a Chain of Prayer depends on your perseverance. If you’re not determined, it won’t work. When you begin a Chain, you are picking a fight with the root of your problems and negative forces can try to stop you from completing the Chain, but no matter what happens, DO NOT BREAK IT! Be serious about this. It would be better not to start a Chain than to start and not finish.


Prior to commencing a chain of prayer it is imperative that you receive your pastor’s advice. He will teach you step by step, how to use your faith to overcome your problems. Do not be hesitant in asking for help. It is absolutely normal to be attacked by doubt and confusion! Simliar to a doctor who is administering treatment, we also monitor your progress until you are completely healed. Our objective is to help you through your problems until you are strong enough to use your own faith and no longer need to depend on a pastor’s prayers. After all, the essence of the Chain of Prayer is to teach you to develop your independence – to depend on yourself and God alone…… intercessors!

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