In the heart of Kingston, Jamaican capital a noise has called the attention of those who pass  by 141-143 Maxfield Avenue. It’s the construction site of the newest cathedral of the Universal Church in the Caribbean. 

The building is well located, close to other important public buildings such as  the police station, fire brigade, parish counsesl and just 600 meters away from the Half Way Tree Transport Centre, which provides easy access for citizens across the entire  nation.

• The building will have almost double the capacity of the original headquarters.

• Parking lot for 185 vehicles.

• Children’s Biblical School will get 4 rooms with capacity for 100 children and 20 babies.

• To support the women there will be a room specially for the Godllywood group.

• The YPG (Youth power Group) will have a room for activities and counseling for the youths.

• An auditorium with capacity of 150 seats, TV and Radio studios and more.

• 350 tons of steel will be used in the construction in order to support the building

The construction began in the first half of 2016. Over 200 direct and indirect workers are engaged almost every day of the week,  in turns, to make sure that this work will be done by December 2017 and that the Cathedral may open its doors to those in need. 

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