Television ProgramThe Universal Media is all about the people achieving knowledge and understanding.

This project was started as a means of demonstrating to persons the power of faith and perseverance and most certainly spreading the Word of God. At the Universal Church we have realised that many of the less fortunate population have been neglected.

 Of course we cannot place a church in every secluded area of the world.

It is our understanding that mass media is the way to attain the majority of the population’s attention. It is our faith that we can also provide a significant source of comfort. Last but not least it is our sincere belief that by various mass communication programs: every home, every person, every mother, every child…………….will grasp the concept of Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

Some of the media programs that have impacted the lives of many persons positively are as follows:

Stop Suffering Program – This program was created to offer support and advice. We demonstrate to you how to utilise your faith in order to stop suffering.

Finding Answers – If you are troubled, afraid, uncertain how to handle a situation, feeling isolated…….then this program is for you!

Youth Frequency – Your future is defined by the decisions you make. Join us to learn how to make the right decisions.

These programmes have been created to offer emotional and spiritual support and guidance to persons who are in need.

 These along with our live testimonies (realistic and inspirational stories) will motivate to change your life. In these testimonies you can see regular people with amazing life changes….financial….deliverance….spiritual etc.

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