Sunday Of Praise and Worship

On Sundays at the UCKG we have a special meeting for all those who desire to have the assurance of eternal life. At this meeting you are better able to understand what is required in order for one to have a life of happiness, blessings, peace, prosperity and love.


Monday Of Financial Success

This financial day is for those who are in pursuit of financial growth, independence, job, promotions etc. This powerful day is for those who do not accept failure, poverty, misery and losses because they believe they are worthy of much more.

IMG_0112Tuesday Of Healing

Tuesday healing services offers prayer for persons who suffer with constant pain, incurable diseases or debilitating health problems. In other words when doctors and medicines are not enough, we believe that through the power of faith, God can change any situation.


Wednesday Of Salvation

If you are not growing spiritually, then you are dying! Ensure that your spiritual life is in the right way. It is important to sacrifice for your spiritual life if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


Thursday Of The Love Therapy

The Love Therapy meeting is simple, smart and practical. We prepare you to find your partner for life. We demonstrate the importance of guiding your family members. At the UCKG you acquire assistance in using your intelligent faith to have a successful family. Remember, no amount of success can compensate for failures in your family!

Friday Of Deliverance

An evil spirit can make life unbearable, it can take away all hopes for your future. It can cause you to be desperate and take drastic actions. At the UCKG we help you to fight against all these evils. We teach you to fight for your deliverance. On Friday at every branch of the UCKG T&T we fight with a strong prayer for your complete deliverance.


Saturday Of The Impossible

Do you have a situation in your life that is hopeless? Then this day is for you. All impossible cases, hopeless situations, breakthroughs etc. we pray for on this day. The power of God can change any situation (big or small) in your life.


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