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The YPG (Youth Power Group) in Trinidad and Tobago is open to 13-30 years old. We foster a positive and uplifting atmosphere in order to enable our youths to prosper. We instil morals and values into our members via our activities.

At the YPG we understand that at this age prepration for the future is essential. This is also the age that we prepare our youths to be open, to learn, grow and embrace new challenges. We are not like other groups that promote only “feeling good.” At the YPG we encourage our youths to perform well in all areas of their lives- academic, professional etc.

This is why the YPG exists in Trinidad and Tobago. We develop an exciting and productive way to grow together into mature, positive and productive adults. You will become an above average youth by attending our meetings and practicing what you learn.

If you are ready to challenge yourself then the YPG is for you!


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